The need for the responsible and ethical removal and disposal of biohazard waste is a priority for all those who encounter it. Since 2011, Assured Waste Solutions has been proudly and reliably providing this medical waste disposal service for all its customers in North and South Carolina.

Responsible Removal

We take our role in waste removal seriously and place significant focus on customer satisfaction with all our products and services. We’re currently partnering with multiple biohazard companies across the country who take advantage of our subcontracted biohazard services. With them, we can ensure the safe and cost-effective biohazard waste disposal in North Carolina as well as meeting any and all regulatory compliances.

 What It Can Do For You

 Our subcontractor service allows us to pick-up and dispose of medical and biohazard waste for our partners. We offer a simple agreement that places no limits on the number of service locations where we can provide biohazard pick-up, as long as they’re in our service region.

 Affordable Service

 As part of our service agreement, we offer discounted prices and a flat rate for per-container pricing that contains no hidden fees like fuel, documentation, or environmental costs. Also, we provide extra supplies at no extra charge. This makes the process of biohazard waste disposal in South Carolina hassle-free, straightforward, and affordable.

 Our subcontracted biohazard service includes administrative advantages as well. We provide both you and your customers with service calendars for information on scheduled service locations and give invoices for each service location to help coordinate your projects and keep them organized. 

 Assured Waste Solutions is dedicated to customer satisfaction, which is why we’ll work closely with your customers and treat them with respect and professionalism. We strive to provide you and your clients with the reliable and expert biohazard removal services that distinguish us from other companies in this industry.

 The proper and conscientious removal of medical and biohazard waste is a necessary service to many industries, and at Assured Waste Solutions, we are committed to providing safe and reliable disposal for all of our customers.

 To partner with our subcontracted biohazard service, or for any other information on our waste removal solutions, call us toll-free at 1-855-239-9317.