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All services are backed by the industry’s highest level of customer service, ensuring safety, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

Assured Waste Solutions is confident that we can help you more effectively manage your biohazard and  pharmaceutical waste.

Whether you are a clinic, private practice, hospital, research center or lab, we welcome the opportunity to be of service.

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Pharma Products

Our Services

Assured Waste Solutions can help you more effectively manage your regulated medical waste and pharmaceutical waste. All of our services are backed by the industry’s highest level of customer service, ensuring safety, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness.   Whether you are a clinic, private practice, hospital, research center, or lab, we welcome the opportunity to be of service.  


Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Our specialty is the safe handling and disposing of non-hazardous pharmaceuticals. We offer pharmaceutical waste disposal of unused, unwanted, expired, and non-returnable over the counter, Schedules I-V, and Rx drugs in full compliance with state and federal regulations.   We offer two specialized programs, each of which is designed to dispose of a specific type of waste. These programs can be customized to your organization’s unique needs.  


The Mail-Back Meds Program This medication take-back program is the ideal choice for DEA-registrant pharmacies that need to dispose of unused, unwanted, or expired pharmaceuticals, including Schedules III-V, over-the-counter, and Rx medications. We will accept non-controlled substances across the continental United States. In certain states, we also offer to dispose of controlled substances I-V.   This consumer waste is mailed to us in secure, pharmaceutical mail-back program bundle kits. Our buckets come in five sizes to fit each customer’s needs: 0.6 gallons, 1.25 gallons, 2.5 gallons, 5 gallons, and 12 gallons. If our 12-gallon bucket isn’t big enough for a customer’s needs, they can contact our representatives to create a customized solution.  


The MedDrop Collection Receptacle Our natonwide MedDrop program makes it easy for businesses to help their communities safely dispose of pharmaceutical waste. These receptacles provide a place for unused and expired medicine drop off. We offer this program to DEA-registered collectors, such as pharmacies and law enforcement agencies.   MedDrop’s secure, steel receptacles come with serialized, opaque, tear-proof, and tamper-evident liners which have a 40-gallon capacity. Organizations return the contents of the MedDrop receptacle to Assured Waste Solutions via UPS. We will incinerate the waste, ensuring that the pharmaceuticals are non-retrievable and environmentally harmless.  


Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Unlike other medical waste disposal services, we don’t just transport your red bag waste. We are also the processing facility that safely disposes of that waste in a way that is compliant and cost-effective. Our steam sterilization process will safely kill all pathogens.   Customers sign a simple service agreement that allows them to cancel at any time with a 30 day written notice — no buyouts necessary. They pay a flat rate per container with no additional fees. They can also receive guidance and training on proper compliance.   Our medical waste disposal services include:



Pharmaceutical Mail-Back Vendor Program We make it easy for vendors to offer their customers a compliant, non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste solution through an extension of our Mail-Back Meds Program. Vendors simply sell the program to a customer, send the customer’s information to Assured Waste Solutions, and bill the customer.   We offer all of our vendors:

  • Joint Sales Calls
  • Market Training
  • Regulations Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Bulk Ordering Options
  • Private Labeling



We Offer Facility Tours! We offer tours of our processing facility to all colleges and universities that provide courses in healthcare-related fields. Visiting students will gain a greater understanding of why regulated medical waste should be properly handled and what happens to it after they have assisted their patients.   To enter the facility, all students must wear long pants, closed-toe shoes, and eyewear protection. Tours are priced based on the number of participating students, and they must be approved and scheduled in advance with our organization’s management.   Contact Assured Waste Solutions today by calling us toll-free at 1-855-239-9317, and learn more about the services we offer!

Who Uses Our Services:

Our customer base ranges from small private practices, local clinics, veterinarian offices and pet hospitals, research industries, large corporations with satellite locations in healthcare including hospitals, pharmacies, government agencies, and police departments.

What You Need to Know:

  • We offer a clear and concise working agreement and billing with no surprises.
  • Single source solution to handle multiple Pharmaceutical Waste streams.
  • Personalized customer service.
  • Customized solutions to meet your needs.
  • 2 Party witnessed destruction for all drugs with certification.
  • Tight diversion control.
  • 100% Compliance.

For more information or to place your order, click HERE to receive a Quick Quote or call us toll free at 1-855-239-9317 to speak to one of our representatives.


Our pharmaceutical destruction receptacle is not only a safe and simple collection solution; but is also cost-effective and provides our customers with the assurance that the unused or expired medications returned to Assured will be handled in the appropriate manner, keeping these items out of our water streams & landfills.

  • DEA Approved & Compliant
  • Safe, Secure, & Budget Friendly
  • Easy to install, use, & maintain
  • Convenient & Eye Catching
  • Controlled & Non-Controlled waste can be collected.
  • Program safety is achieved through serialized, opaque, tear proof, and tamper evident liners.
  • Available in Green & Blue however custom color options may be available based on quantity ordered.  Please note that custom receptacles take longer to become available.

Customer must be licensed as an “Authorized Collector “.

Click HERE to be redirected to the DEA’s website in order to update your existing registration. Get a Quick Quote! Call to speak to a representative 1-855-239-9317           MedDropMedDrop Signage MedDrop Drop Door Oen Recept

RMW 1-1Biohazard Waste Disposal

Proudly Servicing North Carolina & South Carolina

  • RMW & Sharps Disposal
  • Pathological
  • Trace Chemo
  • Non-Hazardous Pharma

Assured Waste Solutions offers safe, compliant, and cost-effective biohazard waste removal, transport, and destruction. Unlike most other biohazard services, we not only provide the transporting of your waste, we are also the processing facility. During 2017, AWS received 1,975,510 pounds of biohazard waste for processing and handling. Say Goodbye to the Middle Man! As the processing facility, we are fully equipped to handle, transport, and dispose of biohazard waste at a low and competitive rate.  We pride ourselves on customer service and believe in making the process as simple as possible for our customers.

What You Get:

  • A simple service agreement which allows you the ability to cancel at any time with a 30 day written notice.  No buy outs necessary.
  • Options for service frequency including “On Call”.
  • Supplies provided at the time of pickup.
  • Flat Rate – Per Container pricing.  No surprises on your invoice.
  • No Additional Fees such as Environmental, Documentation, or Fuel.
  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • Dependable service based on your needs.
  • Guidance on compliance and training.
  • Documented transfer, sterilization, and disposal of waste.

Who We Service:

Physicians Offices, Private Practices, Clinics, Hospitals, Veterinarian Practices, Animal Hospitals, Colleges, Government Agencies, Pharmacies, Dental Offices, Tattoo Shops, and many more.

Looking for Service? 

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Existing Customers: Request a Pick Up by emailing our routing department at

Mail-Back ProgramGroup


View our map below to see what options are available in your area!


*Non-Controlled OTC/Rx

Available nationwide and can easily be purchased online!

Simply click on your state to be taken to our online shop page!

*Controlled Substances

Not available in all states, please view map below.

States in orange are not eligible for controlled disposal at this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you’re in need of  Controlled Substance disposal and your state is NOT shown in orange, please submit Quick Quote by clicking HERE and tell us what substances you would like to dispose of or call to speak with a representative at 1-855-239-9317 

life_lock_5_gallon_bucket_350Pharmaceutical Mail-Back Vendor Program


Are you interested in providing a Pharmaceutical Mail-Back Service to your customers?


What We Offer:

  • Private Label Service Agreement.
  • Negotiated Discount Pricing.
  • Training on how the program works so that you can confidently sell the service to your customer.
  • Direct support from AWS’ Pharmaceutical Department.
  • Customization to reflect your business:
    • Custom Bucket Labels & Forms.
  • You submit the order to our pharma department and we’ll take it from there:
    • 3-5 Business day turnaround
    • Confirmation of order shipments will be sent to your sales/support department.
    • You’ll be invoiced for the order with a net 30 turn around.
    • Automatic Reload option is available for all orders.

Call 1-855-239-9317 to find out how we can help you grow your business or  submit a Quick Quote by clicking HERE.

Sub-Contracted Biohazard Service

North and South Carolinatruck

Assured Waste Solutions currently partners with multiple biohazard companies all over the United States who utilize our business to provide service to their North and South Carolina customer base.


How it Works:


  • Simple Sub-Contractor Service Agreement  with no limitation to the amount of service locations as long as they are within our service region.
  • Negotiated Discount Rates.
  • Flat Rate – Per Container Pricing.
  • No Additional Fees such as Fuel, Documentation, or Environmental.
  • Invoicing for each service location per pickup.
  • Service Calendars provided to you and/or your customer for all scheduled service locations.
  • On-Call Service Available.
  • We will work directly with you to coordinate service and will treat your customers as our own.
  • Supplies provided at no additional charge.
  • Reliable service you and your customers can count on.

If you would like to utilize Assured Waste Solutions to help you extend your service to the North and South Carolina Regions, call now to speak to a representative at 855-239-9317 or request a Quick Quote.  

Facility Tours

(Biohazard Handling Only)   12729340_1063661187024242_1128138359465874754_n

A man by the name of Anton Chekhov once said: 

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”.


At Assured Waste Solutions, LLC; we couldn’t agree more, and as a processing facility, we have a unique opportunity to see the other side of the Healthcare World that most others never do and rarely even think about.

For students who are about to embark on a career in Healthcare, we feel that by offering an opportunity to step inside of our facility, they will gain the knowledge needed to help them put into practice, proper methods which will be required o them on the job allowing them to be the best at what they do.

Students will have a much greater understand as to why biohazard waste should be handled in a certain way, who all it comes in contact with, and what really happens to it after they’ve assisted their patients.

Students will walk away with a newfound understanding and respect for handling items such as sharps, specimens, surgical, and procedural materials.


Who Can Tour AWS:


Facility Tours are primarily offered to Colleges and Universities providing courses in healthcare related fields such as:

  • Nursing
  • Allied Health
  • Medical Assisting
  • CNA
  • Phlebotomy
  • Veterinary Medical Technology
  • Physical Therapy

All tours must be approved and scheduled in advance with Assured Waste Solutions, LLC Management.  Please submit your request by clicking HERE

Tour Rates & Details: 

Tours are priced based on the number of students who will be attending. Professors/Staff are required to show a valid ID and proper credentials affiliated to the College or University in which they are employed. Students may be required to show ID at the time of arrival. All persons entering the facility must wear long pants, close-toe shoes, and eyewear protection (safety glasses or spectacles). Assured Waste Solutions, LLC is a gated and highly secured facility where parking is limited so we do suggest carpooling.


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