Assured Waste Solutions has found great success with its Pharmaceutical Mail Back Program over the years. We have several mail back options available throughout the US. As the only company permitted in the US to ship and handle all Schedules I-V, OTC and Rx, we are uniquely qualified in developing solutions that meet all pharmaceutical waste needs.

Now with our Pharmaceutical Vendor Mail Back Program, YOU have a chance to become part of the solution! With Assured Waste Solutions’ Vendor Program you have the ability to offer your customers a compliant non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste solution for Schedules I-V, OTC, and RX through destruction. We have done all of the arduous permitting and research to make this program simple for both you and your customers.

Here’s how it works for you:

  1. Sell the program to your customer
  2. Send the customer’s information to Assured
  3. Bill your customer.

It’s That Easy!

Our Pharma Vendor Program also includes:

  • Market Training
  • Regulations Training
  • Joint Sales Calls
  • Ongoing Support
  • No Territory Boundaries
  • Bulk Ordering Available
  • Private Labeling

With Assured Waste Solutions, you can offer a single solution for all of your customers’ Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical disposal needs. Our services are secure, reliable and affordable.

For more information check out our Pharmaceutical Vendor Mail Back Program. This downloadable PDF contains information on the program, private labeling and customized sales aids. Or to set up an appointment call or email Tonya Kraning today!