Pitch in to Protect your Community.

Pitch in to Protect your Community.


















Communities throughout the United States are pitching in to protect children from inadvertent drug ingestion or drug abuse and to keep citizens safe from contaminated drinking water resulting from flushing, trashing or tossing expired or unused prescription drugs. Healthcare-related businesses and government agencies are joining the effort by providing convenient, secure collection receptacles expressly for the safe disposal of pharmaceutical-controlled substances as specified by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

The Meddrop collection system provides a simple and effortless way for individuals to safely dispose of unused or expired medications.  It is also an easy-to-manage program for DEA-registered collectors, such as for pharmacies and law enforcement agencies.

Meddrop Benefits 

• Receptacles are easy to use and convenient for individuals seeking to safely dispose of medications.
• Container is eye-catching, yet secure and DEA-compliant.
• Both controlled and non-controlled pharmaceuticals can be collected.
• Destruction by incineration ensures drugs are completely irretrievable.
• Utmost program safety is achieved through serialized, opaque, tear-proof and tamper-evident liners.
• All shipping materials are provided for ready picked-up and delivery using UPS

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Meddrop is a convenient service for your customers, offering collection that is safe and meets the requirements of the DEA Controlled Substance Act. The system is easy to install and maintain. For more information about how to get started, please call Assured Waste Solutions at 704-865-7550.  

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