Pharmaceutical Mail Back 5 Gallon Bucket

New 5 Gallon Pharmaceutical Mail Back Bucket

Assured Waste Solutions proudly offers a 5 Gallon Pharma Mail-Back Bucket!
Assured Waste Solutions’ program for the destruction of your unwanted and non-returnable Schedules II-V, OTC and Rx Pharmaceuticals is easy to implement, customized to fit your needs, and fully compliant with state and federal regulations.
With our NEW 5 GALLON BUCKET you have even more options available for the destruction of your Schedules II-V, OTC and Rx Pharmaceuticals.
With the addition of the 5 Gallon Bucket, you now have five sizes to chose from for destruction of your Schedules II-V, OTC and Rx Pharmaceuticals. Be it a small or large quantity of pharma needing to be destroyed there is a bucket size for you. Check out the available sizes HERE! 
Our Pharmaceutical Mail-Back Program is built with tight diversion control in mind, minimizing the number of people that come in contact with pharmaceutical waste and maximizing process controls. With our program, there’s no need for unknown personnel in your facility. You package your waste and Assured, as a DEA-licensed business, witness the destruction. To Learn more about our Pharmaceutical Mail-Back Program Click HERE!