If your business produces biohazardous waste, you obviously need to get rid of it. But many companies take the complicated route when it could really be as simple as picking up the phone and calling Assured Waste Solutions.

The complicated route includes hiring a transportation company to bring the waste to a processing facility, which you also have to pay for. But why would you hire a middleman to get your waste from place to place if you could get it all from one company?

At Assured Waste Solutions, we make the biohazard waste disposal process easy on you and your wallet. Instead of shelling out extra money for a similar service, we do it all. Not only do we offer transportation, but we have our own processing facility to effectively get rid of all your waste. Just make it available to us, and we handle the rest.

What to Expect

In addition to removing, transporting, and destroying, we provide the following perks when you request our biohazard waste disposal.

  • Supplies provided at time of pick up
  • A simple service agreement that you can cancel at any time
  • No additional fees (fuel, documentation, environmental, etc.)
  • Services tailored to your needs.
  • Friendly customer service
  • Guidance and training on compliance
  • Documented transfers, sterilization, and disposal of any biohazardous waste
  • Flat rate
    • Prices are always per container. You’ll never have any surprises on your invoices.
  • Options for service frequency
    • Request our service in specific increments or sign up for “on call” pickups.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But at Assured Waste Solutions, we want it to be simple. We understand that you have a business to run, and you can’t focus your time on handling waste.

Businesses That Benefit From Biohazard Waste Disposal

North and South Carolina companies, you’re in luck. We offer every one of our waste removal services, medication take-back programs, and expired medicine drop-offs to any type of business that needs it.

We typically serve the following types of businesses and those in similar industries:

  • Government agencies
  • Private practices
  • Veterinarian practices
  • Animal hospitals
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Physicians offices
  • Dental offices
  • Pharmacies
  • Colleges
  • Tattoo shops
  • And more

If your business falls into any of these categories or a similar one, our biohazard waste disposal could be perfect for you. If you could get rid of your waste in one fell swoop on a regular basis, why wouldn’t you?

Learn more about us and our biohazard waste disposal services today. Call 1-855-239-9317 to request a quick quote.