Regulated Medical Waste Disposal North Carolina

truckIn today’s day and age, there are a wide variety of medicines to combat diseases and various health conditions. With many advancements coming in just the past year regarding modern medicine, as well as healthcare being available to more people than ever before, making sure medicine is disposed of in the right way has remained important throughout time. Because of that, Assured Waste Solutions is proud to offer regulated medical waste disposal in North Carolina, as well as South Carolina.


It is beneficial to let trained professionals handle the disposal of regulated medical waste. In fact, we take all our regulated medical waste to an incinerator, and we witness them being burned to ash to ensure the pathogens are killed. This way, they don’t end up in a landfill or flushed into a sewer system, which can pollute the environment.


Why Choose Assured Waste Solutions

Since 2011, Assured Waste Solutions has successfully handled and disposed of unused, unwanted, expired Schedules III-V, OTC and Rx drugs by providing biohazard waste disposal services in South Carolina. With many different programs available, each program is designed to make our client’s day-to-day operation easier. Regardless of the project, we offer expert biohazard waste disposal in North Carolina. Built with regulated medical waste in mind, our programs can be customized to fit your sizes and needs. We are in full compliance with all federal and state regulations and have an outstanding reputation with the Drug Enforcement Administration. 


What to Expect With Our Pharmaceutical Waste Management Services

At Assured Waste Solutions, we understand the need for responsible and ethical biohazard waste disposal in North Carolina. To accomplish this, we partner with hospitals and doctors offices, and we take pride in our reliable services. We feature a simple and straightforward Subcontractor Service Agreement that places no limitation on the number of locations that we can service. Our only request is that the location resides in our service region.


When we perform regulated medical waste disposal in North and South Carolina, our clients can rest assured that it is handled carefully and attentively by one of our certified pharmaceutical waste management technicians. We’re one of the industry’s most trusted names in the disposal of regulated medical waste in South Carolina, and we’re dedicated to providing several regulated medical waste removal solutions to ensure it’s properly removed and disposed of.


Competitive Pricing

With our Subcontractor Service Agreement, we can offer competitively discounted and negotiated disposal rates. Our customers enjoy flat-rate pricing in the form of simple per-container rates. This means that calculating what you’ll pay is simple and self-explanatory, with no unexpected costs.


And speaking of unexpected costs, we don’t utilize hidden fees when providing our biohazard waste disposal services to South Carolina. This means no surprises when it comes to fuel prices, documentation, or even environmental costs. What you see is what you get, with no hassles or unforeseen changes — just fast and convenient regulated medical waste disposal.


We Work Together With You

Providing a responsible method for the disposal of regulated medical waste in South Carolina is paramount to our mission. We offer help every step of the way, by providing a service calendar to you with information about your scheduled pickups and locations.


We also feature on-call services available, so in case you need to reach out with any questions, a knowledgeable and friendly member of our staff can guide you and provide you with whatever assistance you may need. We work closely with our customers to coordinate all the services that we provide. We will treat your customers as if they were our own, all to give them the professional and expert regulated medical waste disposal solutions in North Carolina that they have come to expect.


Assured Waste Solutions goes the extra mile for our subcontracted biohazard services. This means we won’t charge you for the necessary supplies you need. We know that your customers are relying on you, and they require dependable regulated medical waste removal services. That is a responsibility that we take seriously and approach with an unmatched level of expertise and professionalism.


To partner with Assured Waste Solutions’ subcontractor regulated medical waste disposal service in North Carolina, call us toll-free at 1-855-239-9317.