Expired Medicine Drop-Off

expired medicine drop offIn today’s world, medicine plays a key role in how diseases and various conditions are treated. With so many advancements made in modern medicine, doctors prescribe several different medicines and pharmaceuticals which can be hard for patients to keep up with. With so many people struggling to keep up with the number of pharmaceuticals in their medicine cabinet, and not knowing which prescription is expired or safe for use, many will opt to discard of their OTC Rx drugs in a way that is not environmentally safe. Looking for a safe way to dispose of your unwanted pharmaceuticals? Just look for the green box at your nearest pharmacy or law enforcement agency.


Here at Assured Waste Solutions, we contract with pharmacies and law enforcement agencies to provide expired medicine drop-off kiosks to help combat this growing problem. Contact us today to see how just how simple it is to get one of our take away medication disposal kiosks at your facility. 


Safe Medicine Disposal

Communities throughout the United States are beginning to realize the effectiveness of expired prescription disposal boxes. Not only do these MedDrop boxes prevent addictive substances from getting into the hands of the wrong individuals, but they also ensure that children are safe from bodily harm and have no access to old or expired medications.


Takeaway medication disposal boxes are also beneficial for the environment. Many times, what happens is individuals will flush, trash, or toss expired pharmaceuticals. Now, they can visit their nearest pharmacy or law enforcement department that has one of our MedDrop bins available. These disposal kiosks are a valuable resource in the fight to make sure all expired medicine is discarded properly, not contaminating water or creating other environmental hazards. 


Our DEA-compliant expired medicine drop-off kiosks are made available to numerous facilities nationwide. We offer our safe medicine disposal boxes to pharmacies, hospitals with an on-site pharmacy, law enforcement facilities, and narcotic treatment centers. If you work in a facility that can benefit from a takeaway medication disposal box but are not a DEA Authorized Collector, you’ll be pleased to know that the registration process is incredibly simple and can be done at no cost to the registrant.       


Expired Prescription Disposal Kiosk

The MedDrop collection kiosk provides individuals with an effortless way to get rid of any unwanted or unused pharmaceuticals. With our expired medicine drop-off boxes at one of your facilities, you provide a safe space for individuals to properly dispose of both non-hazardous controlled and non-controlled pharmaceuticals.


Being such an eye-catching container, there is almost no way one of our bright green, expired prescription disposal kiosks will go unnoticed. Other important features these steel collection kiosks include are one-way medicine drops, triple-locked front safety doors, and much more. Once the kiosk at your facility is full, all that needs to be done is sending the package back to Assured Waste through UPS.


As the United States continues to battle the opioid crisis that is gripping the country, facilities and communities that are looking to pitch in during the fight can do so with the help of Assured Waste Solutions. We provide safe and environmentally conscious ways to dispose of pharmaceutical waste. By always putting our valued customers first, we have seen continual growth in the medical waste industry.


To contact Assured Waste Solutions for a quick quote, call our toll free number at 1-855-239-9317. Together, with the help of our expired medicine drop-off kiosks, and your passion for a safer community, we can solve the medical waste problems that plague our nation.