Prescription Take-Back Program

medicine take back programAssured Waste Solutions specializes in handling and disposing of unused, unwanted, and expired medications through our prescription take-back program. We collect all types of unwanted medicine including non-hazardous controlled and non-controlled (OTC Rx) drugs. Our convenient medication take-back program has been carefully created for seamless and stress-free disposal of unwanted medications for pharmacies, law enforcement, and other entities with unwanted pharmaceuticals.

Proper Medication Disposal

Improper disposal of unused medicines can have serious potential for accidental exposure and intentional abuse. Medications that are sent to the landfill or flushed into the sewer can contaminate the water and the environment, which is why proper and immediate medication waste disposal is essential for public safety. All medical care providers and businesses with unwanted drugs should have a contract with a trusted prescription take-back program like Assured Waste Solutions.

Assured Waste Solutions’ Prescription Take-Back Program

In accordance with all State and Federal regulations, Assured Waste Solutions provides customized medication waste disposal contracts for each of our clients. With various sizes of unused medication disposal buckets available, our prescription take-back program meets the demand for even the largest hospitals and drug manufacturing facilities.

With a secure processing room, on-site DEA-approved vault, and two-party witnessed destruction, we maintain the highest level of security so you can feel confident that all of your unused medications are disposed of properly. We personalize our customer service and unwanted medication disposal solutions to meet your unique needs, and also offer clear and concise working agreements and billing with no surprises.

Who We Serve

The prescription take-back program from Assured Waste Solutions covers a wide range of medical operations, including small private practices, local clinics, veterinarian offices and pet hospitals, research industries, and large corporations with satellite locations in healthcare including hospitals, pharmacies, government agencies, and police departments.

Medications We Collect

The medication take-back program from Assured Waste Solutions collects and safely disposes of Schedule I-V substances as well as over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Our non-controlled substance collection is available nationwide to gather and dispose of all unwanted over-the-counter drugs. For controlled substances, including Schedule I-V drugs, we service 38 of the 50 states and Washington D.C.

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Convenient Services and Affordable Pricing

At Assured Waste Solutions, we understand that your time is valuable. That is why we streamline our processes to be as convenient as possible. We also know that not every operation has the same demand for unused or unwanted medication disposal, which is why we offer various sizes of medication collection buckets. By selecting the size that fits your need, you never have to overpay for our medicine take-back program.

We also cut out the middleman, destroying all of the medical waste we collect at our processing facility. This minimizes our cost of operations, which leads to more affordable pricing for our customers. By partnering with Assured Waste Solutions, you receive medical waste disposal that is not only reliable but cost-effective as well.

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